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One Change will produce wealth

2014-09-16 03:03:24


One Change WILL Produce Wealth

After interviewing numerous multi-millionaires, reading more than twenty books on becoming a millionaire and listening to nearly 400 hours of CDs on getting wealthy, I have come to a conclusion, a conclusion that literally changed my life in just one year, a conclusion that took me from having a net worth of maybe $250,000, that is, if I sold everything—the 401K, the equity in the house, even the kids—to over $3,000,000 in just one year. That’s a net worth more than twelve times where I started, with another $15,000,000 worth of projects going. If I continue on that pace, I should be a billionaire in the next five to ten years.

What is interesting is that it took only one change, only one thing that I had to do differently. That one thing is what this book is all about. If you apply what you learn in this book, you will follow the exact same one-year journey. If you do this one thing, you, too, will be on your way to becoming a billionaire.

The one thing is so simple, yet I spent thirty-seven years of my life avoiding it. It was so easy, yet it is the one thing we all avoid. I had to change the way I thought. Yes, that is it. When I changed the way I thought, I began to change what I did, which then changed the results in my life. It was so simple, yet it took thirty-seven years for me to grab hold of it and actually do it.

Proverbs 23:7 says that as a man thinks, so is he. If I begin to think like a billionaire, biblically my life has no choice but to produce it. Where you are today is a collection of the thoughts you had yesterday; where you go tomorrow is based on your thoughts today. If you can think like the 5% who are the wealthy, in a matter of time, you will be part of the 5%. If you continue to think like the 95%, which represents the average person, you will remain average. You will live a life of just enough—save just enough to retire, maybe get a Winnebego, and live off your 401(k) and your Social Security. But if you start thinking like a billionaire, you begin to step into the area God wants you to be in, the land of abundance.

Jesus said that out of the abundance of your heart, you produce. Whatever is in your heart will create the world you live in. If average is in your heart, if just get by is in your heart, then that is what will produce itself. If abundance is in your heart, then abundance will create itself into your world.

After all the interviews, all the books, all the CDs, when I cut through all the silly get rich gimmicks, the tricks that do not work, when I really boiled it all down, I found out that the wealthy think differently than the rest of us. That is why you could take all of Donald Trump’s money away and in just a short amount of time, because of the way he thinks, he would be right back where he is today. How Trump thinks, so is he.


Billionaires think differently. They think differently about seven things in particular: Money, Investing, Jobs, Risks, Wisdom, Time and Problems.


Billionaires think differently about what money is for. We see money as a way to get things. They see money as a tool to invest. We need more to get a bigger house, a nicer car, a bigger TV. Billionaires see money as a tool to be used to make more money. Once they get an abundance, a portion of that is used for the finer things in life. Billionaires use a little for the extras of life, and a major portion to create an abundance for life. We use a major portion on the things of life, and a little bit to invest (into 401(k)s, a little to dabble in the stock market) so we can get by in life.

As soon as we get some extra money, we look to where we can spend it. The rich immediately look to where they can invest it. We finally get that raise and right away we go out and get a nicer car because we can now afford an extra $250 car payment. We can now go down and get that big screen TV and make payments on it for the next five years. The wealthy, when they first start, say, "We’ll drive what we are driving, watch what we are watching, and through investing, turn that $250 a month into millions. Then we can buy those things out of our abundance."


We buy out of our lack.

They buy out oftheir abundance.

We buy out of our lack. They buy out of their abundance.

The rich see money as a tool. We see money as a way to buy stuff.

We buy today, pay a lot more tomorrow. They invest today, buy a lot more tomorrow.Investing

We see investing as something we do just to have enough to retire. The wealthy see it as something you do to give you an abundance. We invest in 401(k)s and maybe a little bit of stocks (off of a tip someone who knows nothing about stocks gave us). We know nothing about investing, so we tend not to do it very well.

The wealthy see investing as a priority. So they are constantly reading, studying, learning all they can about investing. The rest of us glance at the business section and read a report or two on Yahoo stock. They spend a significant portion of their lives learning how to be great investors. We spend a moment of time reading about how the wealthy made their money investing. All the while saying, "How come that never happens to me? That guy got so lucky!" No, he wasn’t lucky; he was prepared. LUCK always favors the prepared. He thought differently, and that different thinking made him lucky.

To us, investing isn’t a priority. Because it is not a priority, we don’t have much to invest with. Investing isn’t even something we budget into our lives. We budget for clothes, going out, vacations, TVs, golf clubs and all the stuff in life. The rich, when they got started, budgeted around their investments. We budget around our stuff.

We see investing as a means for retirement. The wealthy see it as a way to catapult them into abundance. For them, investing is the key to abundance. To us, investing is the key to having just enough when we retire.

Posted by: Scott Anderson


2014-08-26 04:46:45


I love change. Whether it is change in my life, or someone else’s life, it excites me. Like most of you, I’ve read hundreds of books on gaining finances and gone to many seminars on becoming wealthy. Sure, a lot of books are just gimmicks. A lot of seminars are just big hoaxes to make those putting on the seminars wealthy. But I did read a lot of good books and went to a lot of great seminars that had great tools for leaning how to invest in land, real estate, stocks and bonds. I, like some of you, spent $500, $1,500, $8,000 on such seminars. After one month, six months, one year, two years, I was in the same financial place I was before. The only difference was I had $500, $1,500, $8,000 less in the bank than I did before the seminars.


I got the principles. I got the tools on how to get wealth, but nothing inside of me changed. I found out how to make money investing, but still inside of me was a force stopping me from stepping out and taking risks. I still had the fear. I still had the stress. I still had the anxiety—and all of this held me back from using the tools I was given.

The tools are important, but if you don’t change the inside, you will never be able to elevate yourself on the outside of your life. What is going on outside of you is no more than a reflection of what is in you. You can change all you want outside of you. You can change jobs, change marriages, change addresses, but it seems that nothing changes in your life. That is because what is in you is creating your world. You need to change the inward man, and then the outward man begins to produce.

So you went to seminar after seminar and you got some great tools. You left pumped up and excited. You went home and told your spouse what you were going to do. You told them about the money you would make.

But a few weeks later, it came time to step out. It came time to put some money down, or time to start that company, buy that land. And then what was in you began to come out. You said things like, "Well, the economy is really bad right now. You know, the market is no good. Right now isn’t a good time to start a business. I don’t know if this invention is that good. Books are hard to get published. You know what? Let’s hold off and wait. Maybe next year will be a better time." And one year, two years down the road, you are still in the same financial situation. You’re still just getting by in your life.

The sad thing is, during that one or two years of wasting time, over a hundred thousand people became millionaires, using those principles that you said wouldn’t work, during an economy you said was horrible, with that same invention you said no one would want, starting the business that you said couldn’t make it. Over a hundred thousand people last year became millionaires, and the only difference between them and those that did not is simple. Those that became millionaires thought differently than those that did not. It had nothing to do with their past or their I.Q. It was a simple difference of what was in them. The millionaires were able to step out and take a risk. Those who did not become millionaires had reasons not to take the risks. Those who became millionaires found ways to succeed; those who did not found reasons not to try. Those who are still just getting by had all the reasons why they couldn’t, while the wealthy made ways that could. The simple fact is that those who did changed what was in them. Those who didn’t stayed the same.

It is time you realize that you will never go beyond what is in you. As you will see, your subconscious will sabotage your circumstances, ideas and life to keep you at the level your mind is at now. It will hold you back. You want more, but your subconscious will not allow you to get more


Inside Out

What is going on

outside of you

is no more than a

reflection of

what is in you.

That’s why ninety percent of the people who win the lottery go broke in a short time. Within five years, they are at the exact same place that they were before they won the money. Why is that? If you watch their lives, they are making bad decisions, horrible investments, squandering their money, and sabotaging their lives. Their subconscious is working twenty-four hours a day to get them back to their comfort zone. They may not like being broke, but they feel more comfortable being broke. What is in you will always come out of you.

How many sports stars do we see who make a fortune while they are playing, only to end up selling insurance later in life? Why is it that seventy-five percent of NFL players go bankrupt within the first five years of playing football? They are making millions of dollars only to wind up broke. The reason is, they went beyond what was in them, and their subconscious took them right back to that comfort level.

You will finish this book a millionaire, a millionaire on the inside. In 21 days you will get rid of everything in you that has been limiting your life—those fears, those wrong thoughts, those limiting beliefs—gone. Now you can step out of your old life and step into the life you desire. In 21 days you will change your life from the inside out.

"But changing me won’t teach me what to do."

I would say everybody reading this book, deep down inside, knows how to get rich. You know that the only difference between you and the rich person is the way you think. You read about the guy who made twenty million dollars on an Internet idea and, you think, "I had that idea." "I had that invention five years ago." "I looked at buying that land years ago." "I had an idea for that same business."

You knew what to do. That isn’t the problem. The problem is stepping out and doing it. The difference between you and the guy who made millions on the invention is one thing: He stepped out and did it. Why didn’t you? Because what was in you held you back, while what was in him forced him forward.

Donald Trump is a very smart, gifted man, but inside of you are characteristics and gifts that he doesn’t have. Many of you are smarter than he is in certain areas. You are gifted in areas he is not. You have talents he does not possess. Why is he a billionaire, and you are not? Because he thinks differently. Because of the way he thinks, he produces a different world.

You could take all of Trump’s money away and in a matter of time he would be a billionaire again. Why? Because of the way he thinks.

"You have to think anyway, so why not think BIG!"

—Donald Trump

We think small. We think just enough, just get by. Trump thinks big, too much, more than enough. We think of just getting a better job. Trump thinks of getting another multi-billion dollar deal. We look at a business and say, "Too big of a risk to do it." Trump looks at the same business and says, "Too big of risk not to do it."

"Well, it’s because of his connections, who he is, and who he knows."

You could take away his identity, you could change his face, take him out of where he is, and I guarantee you, in a matter of time, he would be a billionaire again. You could make him Scot Anderson. It would take a lot of work to make him look this good. We would make him 5’4" (have to cut him off at the knees). Now, you put him in my situation, with my resources, everything I have, and in a short amount of time, he would be a billionaire. Inside of me, I am still changing. Sure, I think like a millionaire, but now I have to take it to the next level and think like a billionaire.

He could become you, with your same gifts and talents. Trump could step into your identity, same money, problems, and circumstances. In a matter of time, he would be a billionaire. Why? Because he thinks differently.

I don’t care if you are a single mom. Make Trump a single mom of four, living on welfare. In a matter of time he would be a billionaire. Because of the way he thinks!

This should excite you. This says if you can change how you think, you can change what you have. Get yourself thinking like a millionaire and you will produce millions of dollars.


Posted by: Scott Anderson

You are a MAGNET!!!

2012-11-13 21:31:33

You are a MAGNET

“You are a living magnet, drawing to yourself the people, the resources, and the ideas you need to fulfill what you expect. To the successful it is out of their faith, for others it is out of their fears. If you don’t like what you attract, don’t change what is coming towards you, change the magnet that is bringing those into your life.”

Scot Thomas Anderson

You will attract the people, the ideas, and the resources that go with your most dominant thoughts and expectations. Basically, whatever you really believe, your subconscious will work at brining you the tools you need to produce it. You are a living magnet. You attract the people, the ideas, and resources your need to accomplish the expectations you have set within you. Your expectations are bringing your life to you, just like a magnet. Whatever is in your subconscious mind, the most dominant thoughts, the expectations that you have, your mind will attract.

Your mind will attract the people you need, the finances you need, the ideas you need, to fulfill your expectations. If you expect a bad day, your mind will bring everything you need to fulfill that order. You expect a bad night with your spouse; serve it up hot, because here comes your order. If you change that and expect a great day, you get what you ordered. If you are full of fear about what the future holds, the future holds what your are afraid of. Fears are negative expectations. Your fears are attracting everything you need to produce what you fear in your life. They are producing. You need to get rid of every fear you have.

If you fear your business will go under, it will. But if you have a sense of confidence inside you, you begin to attract the people and the ideas you need. This does not mean your business is guaranteed to work, but it means that in the course of time, it seems like all of a sudden, you will have attracted the resources and ideas you need to catapult one of your businesses into success. It may be your first. It may be your seventh. But that confidence will bring success.

Your mind attracts what it needs to fulfill what is expected. What are you attracting in your life? What is the one thing you can change that will change what you attract?

Your Expectations! 

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You Already Failed, If You Don’t Take Risks

2012-10-27 21:48:40

He who is not courageous enough to take risks
will accomplish nothing in life.

-Muhammad Ali

Ask any billionaire how he got where he is today and he
will say, “Risks!” You cannot achieve success without
stepping out. We stay average because we play it safe.
Billionaires became wealthy because they stepped out and
took a chance. We say, “What if we fail?” Billionaires say,
“You fail if you don’t take a risk.”

Every billionaire has failed thousands of more times
than you and me. Most billionaires have gone bankrupt
at least one time, some multiple times. Most billionaires
have had more than three businesses go under. They have
lost millions of dollars in business ventures. Yet they are
billionaires today.

We, on the other hand, have never been bankrupt.
We have never lost a business. We have definitely never
lost a million dollars. Yet we struggle each month to just
pay the bills. What is the difference? RISKS!
Act! Action will delineate and define you.

-Thomas Jefferson

In one year, I have become a millionaire. How?
RISKS! I began to think like a billionaire concerning
risks, and it literally changed my life. Though people all
around me said, “Land is going to crash, don’t buy, don’t
step out,” I said, “If I don’t take a risk, I will never get
out of this financial situation.” Even if land does fail,
worst case, I get right back to where I am today. With this
knowledge, I will gain. I know if I keep trying, there will
come a point when I don’t fail.
Life is full of risks. We face them every day. If you
want to have any success in life, you have to be willing to try
some things, take a few chances and step into areas that are
new and often unfamiliar to you. Most people spend a lot of
time talking, but not much time doing. The wealthy don’t
think that way. They are willing to actually do something.
In all labor there is profit,
But idle chatter leads only to poverty.

(Proverbs 14:23)

You have to study and learn but you also have to
work and apply what you learn for success to happen. If
you just run your mouth and tell everybody that you do
want to be wealthy and that you are going to do so many
things, but you don’t follow through, it is just idle chatter
and it leads nowhere. You may know someone who has
been talking about the same great idea for the last ten to
twenty years and they are convinced how much prosperity
it will bring, but they continue
to do the same things in
life day after day. You catch
up to them twenty years later
and they have not changed
one bit.

He who risks and fails can be forgiven. He who
never risks and never fails is a failure in his
whole being.

-Paul Tillich

One of the principles that you have to commit to is
becoming a person of action. In life, everything we do that
has a reward to it also involves some risk. There is no reward
without risk.

You cannot go from crawling to walking without
the risk of falling down. When a baby decides that he
does not want to crawl for the rest of his life, he will keep
getting up and falling down until he learns how to walk.
He would not be rewarded with walking or running if he
did not take that risk.
If you want to date, you have to risk rejection and
ask somebody out first. It may take six or seven times before
someone says yes, but you will have your reward when
In life, everything we
do that has a reward
to it also involves
some risk.
If you want to date, you have to risk rejection and
ask somebody out fi rst. It may take six or seven times before
someone says yes, but you will have your reward when
In life, 

I had my heart broken many times before I met
Holly. I took risks so that one day I could get the reward.
You have to take risks to reap rewards. My oldest
son Laken learned how to use a skateboard. At first he
didn’t do anything risky. He just sat on it and rolled along.
Finally, he experimented with standing up. He was going
down the hill, doing different things, when the skateboard
flew out from under him and he skinned his elbow up. It
hurt pretty bad.
The next time out, he was sitting down on the skateboard,
thinking he was cool, until his friends came over and
they started doing tricks. Seeing his friends do amazing
things while he was trying to be impressive on his booty,
kicking one leg up, was not working for Laken. He fell
hard, but he wanted to have the reward of doing the things
his friends were doing. So he got up and tried again. He
has fallen several times since then but he dusts himself off
and keeps trying, which is what we need to do, too.
God wants you to get up and take some risks so He
can help you. His Word says that He will guide your steps
but He cannot guide your steps if you are sitting on your
behind. Step out and move a little and God can direct you
and guide you into some business deals and investments
that will gain great rewards.
You may make a mistake and not hear God’s voice
but it is just like falling off the skateboard. You have to pick
yourself up. Failing at something does not make you a failure
unless you stop trying. You need to step out again and
again, trusting God, who is your partner, until you succeed.

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